Why MOM Works

As a full service mortgage broker, Accutrust Mortgage, Inc has access to dozens of different lenders with virtually thousands of different loan options. The mortgage industry is continually changing which mean that the lender with the best rates today may not have the best rates tomorrow. Finding the best rate for you is our job, and we excel at it.

You could literally spend the entire day calling various mortgage lenders and still never stumble into the best priced companies. We have established relationships over the years with the top lenders in America. Combined with our expertise and experience we are able to deliver the Best Rate available.

On-line rate sites do nothing but gather your information and sell it .... over and over and over. This results in hundreds of phone calls trying to sell you. Their offer to you has to cover the hundreds of dollars that they paid to BUY YOUR LEAD.

Large banks can only offer you what they have available. It's a ONE BANK..ONE RATE offer. They will not shop for the Best Rate for you. It's only in their interest if you buy what they are selling.

Because of M.O.M. we can keep over overhead to a minimal and then pass on the lowest rate available to you. IT'S SIMPLE AND IT WORKS.

Here are some of the lenders we will work with to find you the Best Rate.