Mortgage Payment Protection

About Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc.

Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc. is no newcomer to the insurance business with over two decades of experience. They are the leader for risk management and loss mitigation product for the residential mortgage industry. Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc. was the first to develop the MortgageGuardian concept in 1999. It is backed by “Excellent”-rated insurance companies and is widely accepted by the GSEs, FHA and investors.

Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

As a benefit of our loan services we are including MortgageGuardian™!  This means that your monthly mortgage may be paid to your servicer should you become involuntarily unemployed!  The best part is it doesn’t cost you a penny.


  • Primary Residential Mortgages
  • Benefit Period begins on loan closing date
  • Joint Mortgagor benefits
  • Must satisfy vesting and waiting periods
  • Maximum $2,000 a month benefit payment for up to six months
  • Monthly Benefit Amount includes PITI
  • Benefit applies to involuntary unemployment only

The Mortgage Payment Protection program is a lender protection, non contributory job loss program provided through an "Excellent" rated third party insurer.  The information herein is solely a summary.  The program contains restrictions on eligibility, and vesting and waiting periods apply.  The actual terms, conditions and limitations of the Program are established by the insuring documents.  Accutrust Mortgage is not affiliated with Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc. or with the Underwriters of this program.  Program is subject to availability at the time of loan closing and may be modified or withdrawn without notice.