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Basic Mortgage payment calculator - What will my payment be?
Powered by Car Loan Calculator

Should I refinance? Compares current rate & payment to proposed rate & payment
Mortgage Calculator
Refinance Comparison Calculator

Principal reduction vs investment - Should I prepay my mortgage, or invest the difference?
Mortgage Calculator
Prepay vs Invest Calculator

Loan Cost Simple APR Calculator - Calculates the cost of the loan as an interest rate.
Mortgage Calculator
APR Calculator

Balloon and Fixed Term ARM Mortgage Calculator - Allows you to see what happens after your balloon mortgage or fixed term ARM period ends?
Mortgage Calculator
Fixed Term Scenario Calculator

Amortization Calculator - Allows you to see the exact amount principal and interest portion of your payment over time.
Mortgage Calculator
Amortization Calculator

Investment Rental Property Comparison - Compare payment scenarios.
Mortgage Calculator
Investor Comparison Calculator

Downpayment Comparison - Compare the payment of various downpayment options.
Mortgage Calculator
Downpayment Calculator

Renting vs Buying Calculator - Factors in tax benefits and equity growth over time
Mortgage Calculator
Rent vs Buy Calculator

Mortgage Qualification - How much income do I need to buy that house?
Mortgage Calculator
PreQualification Calculator